Lulu Guinness Sweetie Inspired Handbags

From the traditional humbug, to the hard boiled sweet, Lulu's taken childhood favourites to inspire her spring/summer 2014 handbag collection. 

This practical chevron tote was an absolute staple at London Fashion Week this season, and being an avid lover of black skinnies and dark knitwear, really perked up my colour-free outfits. 

Large chevron Amelia tote bag, £395 Lulu Guinness

A more recent addition to my collection, this stripe pouch now lives inside the chevron tote for last minute after work drinks, or when I want to leave my big bag in a coat check. Very handy. 

Black and white stripe leather medium pouch, £150 Lulu Guinness

EDIT: spring handbags at Lulu Guinness... 
Continuing the theme, there's even a hook up with London based sweet connoisseurs Spun Candy, available in store and online 2 April.

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