Royal Ascot: The Dress Code

The racing season triggers fashion panic amongst those of us who do not regularly attend formal events, and trust me, there is no exception if you are a fashion editor. When Goodley PR kindly invited me to Royal Ascot this season, I had a mini meltdown about what to wear. 

Luckily, this season Royal Ascot has issued clear and concise dress code rules and regulations and they are as follows: 

Grandstand Dress Code
With the Royal Enclosure stating these additional requirements: 

Royal Enclosure Dress Code
A big thank you to Goodley PR for such a wonderful day. 

And so to the fashion...

Dress, Nocturne at  

Headpiece, Piers Atkinson 

Bag, Wilbur and Gussie
Shoes, Kat Maconie  

Filming for Royal Ascot TV and Vogue TV

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