NYC Jeweller Erica Weiner Rocks

Brass bald eagle talon necklace, $90 Erica Weiner
Bronze hummingbird skull necklace, $75 Erica Weiner
Gold plated button necklace, $75 Erica Weiner

Fashion Editor first discovered New York jeweller Erica Weiner at The Shop Floor Project. It was the grasshopper and bee necklaces which first turned my head and ever since, I've been obsessed with this eclectic, edgy collection.

Try and spend more that five minutes on the e-shop without wanting at least ten of the pieces, it's hard! Here's a selection of favourite designs for spring/summer 2011. The eagle talon necklace is timeless punk, the hummingbird skull is the perfect piece to toughen up floaty floral sun frocks and the button is, well, just amazingly cute!